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Residential and commercial GRINDING, POLISHING AND HONING​

Stone and concrete floors over time gets dull as it scratches and gets dirty. Depending on the stone or concrete floor and the condition it is in you can choose to grind, polish of hone it. However, this is not a simple process. Most tile and grout cleaners simply applies abrasive and grinds, polishes or hones the floor. This is not so simple and it actually requires vast amounts of experience to identify what to do and what to apply depending on the floor and condition. At TSA our expert technicians posses the expertise, experience and the proper equipment and chemicals to correctly identify what should be done and how to do it.

Stone and Concrete Grinding

Typically grinding is done on stone or concrete surfaces that have deep scratches and is very dull due to lack of maintenance or heavy wear and tear. It can also be used to rectify uneven floors (concrete or sotne).

We use suitable abrasives with a special grinding machine fitted with diamond grinding wheel to remove these scratches. This would grind down the floor and remove the deep scratches to give it a very smooth floor. In other words a thin layer of the stone or concrete is removed till there aren’t any scratches.

Ideally a proper grinding would be followed by honing to give a matte finish or polishing to give a gloss finish. This should be topped with waxing and or sealing to protect the stone surface. 

Marble cleaning

Stone and Concrete Honing

Honing is a lighter version of stone and concrete grinding. If you have light scratches, scuff marks, oil, acid and water marks, honing is what you should go with. 

Typically, honing removes a thinner layer of stone or concrete with regards to grinding. This is done by using appropriate abrasives and proper honing wheels. 

Honing gives a matte finish to the floor and if you want to give it shine you should polish it.

Concrete polishing Melbourne

Stone and Concrete Polishing

Polishing is the final part of the process. It is what gives the floor its shine. The process involves smoothing down the floor until it becomes shinny and glossy. At Tile Solution Australia we use floor polishing machines with fine grit wheels to give an excellent polish to your floors without any damages. Once the buffing is done we use proper sealer to safeguard the surface against future scratches.

We clean, grind, hone, polish and seal any type of stone or concrete floor. This includes Ceramic, Porcelain, Sandstone, Limestone, Bluestone, Quarry, Terracotta, Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Concrete, Slate, Victorian Tiles and Natural Stone. To maintain or get back that freshness and a new look for your home, or business, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, swimming pools, driveways, indoors and outdoors, call Tile Solution Australia today. We will arrange an onsite inspection and quote for free. Call us today on 03 8725 0248.