Tile and Stone sealing

For all Indoor and Outdoor types of floors

Residential and commercial tile and stone sealing

All natural stone & ceramic tiles are strong and durable, but the grout is not so durable. Hence all tiles should be sealed. sealing your tiles helps prevent & reduce staining & water leakages specially in areas that are exposed to water and dirt such as bathrooms and kitches. It provides a barrier for a period to prevent the tiles from staining, and helps reduce the damage caused from the stain itself. If your tiles are not porous then you should only seal the grout lines with a special impregnating penetrating sealer.

Benefits of Tile Sealing

Even though tiles & stone surfaces are visibly water resistant, it is actually not. All floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, terracotta, slate, natural stone & even concrete is porous in nature, and so water and other dirt could leak into the tile in the long run and specially in areas where the surface faces a lot of heavy work. But the biggest porous surface is the tile grout that leaks water to the underside of the tile rather easily and hence damaging the tile from the inside and creating a ripe environment for mildew, bacteria, fungus and other harmful microbes to grow freely. The main benefits of Sealing are:

  • Giving your floor surface a better look
  • Helps removing dirt & grime
  • Better Hygiene
  • Stain prevention
  • Tile damage control
  • Moderate cost
  • Deep cleans dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot
  • Leaves floors looking bright and refreshed
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Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Methods

If you haven’t cleaned or sealed your tile recently there is a good chance that tile and grout surfaces in your home or business has easily become dirty and unattractive. Hence they need to be periodically cleaned and sealed. At Tile Solution Australia we have a three step process that we use to provide you with the best quality for the best price using non toxic & nature friendly products.

  1. We apply non-toxic, pH-neutral cleaner to your tile and grout.
  2. Deep clean your tile and grout by machine with a high-speed, yet gentle scrubber that also extracts the dirt from your tile and grout. For particularly stubborn areas, vapor steam cleaning may be used.
  3. In the end we apply tile and grout protector, to seal and protect against stains and spills. This is nontoxic, water-based, and safe for families and pets.

Stone Cleaning and Sealing

At Tile Solution Australia we always use the saying “Prevention is better than the cure.” This is specially true for stone care, where regular maintenance which includes cleaning and sealing, will keep them looking beautiful and protects against costly staining and etching repairs. We offer different cleaning and sealing systems that depend on the type of stone you have in your home or business place.


Stone Cleaning

Depending on the type of stone you have, we will pre-treat your stone with a non toxic pH-neutral cleaner and then use our state-of-the-art soft brush vertical scrubbing system which is specially designed for deep cleaning delicate stone without scratching or damaging it.

Stone Sealing

Tile Solution Australia provides a variety of sealing options for the different types of stone surfaces you have in your home. Granite, marble (honed, polished and tumbled), limestone, sandstone and travertine Natural & Cleft stones, such as slate,will be sealed using a non toxic sealant that will provide maximum protection for these types of stone for 12-18 months.The sealants also protect and add some luster back to their surface. In all cases, our services will make stone surfaces easier to maintain.

We clean and seal any type of tile floor. This includes Ceramic, Porcelain, Sandstone, Limestone, Bluestone, Quarry, Terracotta, Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Concrete, Slate, Victorian Tiles and Natural Stone. To maintain or get back that freshness and a new look for your home, or business, bathrooms, kitchen, hallways, swimming pools, driveways, indoors and outdoors, call Tile Solution Australia today. We will arrange an onsite inspection and quote for free. Call us today on 03 8725 0248.